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Q: We'd like to thank Mistress C of Queening.Com for being kind enough to answer our questions about the femdom erotic BDSM punishment known as "Queening". Welcome, Mistress C!

A: Good day. Glad to be of service.

Q: I guess our first question would be - what exactly IS "Queening Sex"?

A: "Queening" has come to cover a broad spectrum of female domination sexual punishments today, but originally it was a term that meant strict facesitting where the dominant Mistress sat on her submissive male or female's face. It could be in her Dominatrix outfit, her panties or bare ass and pussy. Frequently the slave is required to lick her ass as she tells him or her of their shortcomings, hehe.

Q: But you say now it can mean a number of things?

A: Yes. I've seen the term "Queening Catfights used, as well as act of feminizing a male and making him into a strapon slave for instance. And of course breast smother where a dominant woman covers a submissive's face with her naked breasts is also sometimes called "Queening". The cruder femdom slang terms I've heard like "stink sniffing" and "stank smelling" are sometimes used too. Although if you dare describe the act of being permitted to smell my divine asshole as being "Stanky" I will strip and punish your cock and balls brutally for sure!

Q: (Gulp) We'll try to remember that. What other kinds of femdom BDSM does Queening sex entail?

A: Some of the most extreme forms these days are sissy feminization - where the male is forced into women's clothing and made to sexually service other men in the Mistresses' stable, to small penis humiliation where he is made to take out and display his naked flaccid penis, and then show it to the Mistress and her laughing friends as she shames and breates him for his pathetic cock size and abilities. And naturally, some Queening sex is all about spanking a man like a little boy on his bare botton like his mother did when she disciplined him as a child. We call that "Mommy Spanks" and resort to it on occasion when a slave must be humiliated and shamed properly.

Q: Mmm, I bet many men actually enjoy that!

A: They do, dear boy, they do. Why do you think I live in a mansion and drive a Bently? Rich men will pay A LOT for the attentions of a strong Dominant Mommy, trust me.

Q: Are all Mistresses into "Queening"?

A: No, not all. Some are into sub-niches and specialized fetishes like Muscle Femdom or Lesbian Domination. A few transsexual Dominantrixes work as highly paid Dominant Shemale Mistresses and make a healthy living punishing and sexually humiliating straight men for the satisfaction of their wives or girlfriends. It's a pretty wide open field now. Femdom is VERY popular in today's culture. Q: Excellent! Sounds like we have some homework to do! Thank you for your time, Mistress C and we hope to speak to you again.

A: My pleasure. Just be prepared next time to SUFFER! LOL!
You can read and see more from Mistress C and other femdom Mistresses at the net's best message board specializing in Femdom BDSM - FemDomLive. It's free and all are welcome. Special fetish and femdom sites can also be viewed at Fetish Sex Top online 24/7.

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